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Digisonic II Atomizer

Digisonic Atomizer


  • custom titanium horns
  • submicroliter to milliliter atomization
  • autotuning electronics
  • programmable power profile
  • directional side spraying horns (360°)
  • integration with IVEK dispensing systems
  • quantitative, accurate & repeatable doses
  • multiple nozzles (max 5) from a single drive
  • airless spraying
  • reduction of overspray
  • low velocity spray
  • resistant to nozzle corrosion & fatigue
  • elimination of potential clogging
  • affordable with higher through-put
  • durabile for manufacturing environments

The new Digisonic II ultrasonic atomization system is a robust and effective method of coating one or multiple parts from a single drive system. This system can drive up to 5 individual horns simultaneously through a single electronic module. This feature is accomplished by introducing our multi-element booster to the ultrasonic transducer. This innovative design provides all of the accuracy and effective coating characteristics of the IVEK ultrasonic atomizers while dramatically reducing equipment costs.

All of our previous horn designs are also adaptable onto the new systems. These include some of our unique and patented radial and micro-bore atomizers.

Equally impressive is the improved durability and lower cost profile making it a perfect solution for specialized coating applications. IVEK uses vibrational frequencies from 20 – 40 kHz (standard).


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