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Methadone Dispensers

IVEK’s Methadone Dispensing Systems are chosen for their outstanding accuracy and convenience for the customer. Both the Digispense 1000 and the MethaSpense systems combine the proven performance of IVEK’s AP pump head with a precision machined, ceramic pump module. IVEK has refined these systems for over 30 years with customer feedback from clinics around the world. Each unit is reliable, durable, accurate, user friendly and easily integrated with commercial patient management software.

Digispense 1000
The IVEK Digispense 1000* is a precise, high speed, low volume, positive displacement liquid dispensing system. The DigiSpense 1000 is capable of extremely high accuracy and repeatability and is often used for dosing pharmaceuticals, where inventory control and accuracy are critical.

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The MethaSpense Controlled Substance Dispensing System has been specifically designed for use in drug addiction management clinics. IVEK has been manufacturing precision positive displacement dispensing systems for these programs for over 30 years. The system is noted for reliability, low maintenance and high precision fluid handling. It is easy to operate but does not compromise accuracy.

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Controlled substance Dispensing Station
New All-in-One controlled substance dispensing system, portable secure and easy to clean. Optional with IVEK’s Digispense 10/RS232 and Digispense 1000 systems.

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