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Silicone Free Lubrication Systems

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TriboGlide™ offers key benefits such as...

  • Reduced particulates in the drug medium
  • Consistent drug delivery due to non-migrating lubricant layer
  • Compatible with glass and plastic syringes as well as needles and stoppers
  • In-line continuous manufacturing process

IVEK Corporation has partnered with TriboFilm Research of Raleigh, NC to provide TriboGlide™, a completely Silicone-Free Lubrication System. This revolutionary coating is chemically inert and offers superior lubricity and functionality for medical devices as well as general industry applications. The TriboGlide™ coating system has received FDA Approval under a 510K status for all piston syringe devices. TriboGlide™ is compatible with all existing sterilization techniques and has completed all ISO10993 biocompatibility testing mandated by the FDA for externally communicating medical devices. TriboGlide™ is the only complete silicone-free system which is based on inert perfluoropolyether (PFPE) chemistry and cross linked using a proprietary Atmospheric Plasma Immobilization™ process.

TriboGlide™ was developed by TriboFilm Research Inc. with support from Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health. Applications for patent protection are submitted in the US, Europe and Japan.

Please visit www.triboglide.com or call IVEK 1-800-for-ivek to learn more about this exciting new product.


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