IVEK Corporation's Facility

Our History

IVEK Corporation was founded in 1979 by Vernon Zeitz in North Springfield, Vermont. This area of the country is rich in pharmaceutical grade talc and control of liquids is important in the purification process. Vernon was involved in this local industry prior to starting IVEK and had the vision to realize that exceptional control of small volumes of liquid for medical and industrial applications has value in the marketplace.

Since its inception, IVEK has grown and expanded in North Springfield while maintaining a friendly, local atmosphere. Although our products have changed over the years - our core competence remains the same and our loyal customer base relies on IVEK for its precision liquid metering and dispensing needs.

IVEK is proud to be part of Springfield, Vermont's manufacturing heritage. Beginning with the Sawmills of 1774 to the mighty Machine Tool industry of the 20th century, Springfield has been a hub of inventiveness. It has been known as the "Cradle of Invention" and has worldwide recognition as the "Precision Valley".

We welcome visits to our manufacturing facility in North Springfield, Vermont. Please contact us for further information.