Ivek Corporation - Manufacturing Small Volume Precision Liquid Metering and Dispensing Systems Since 1979.

IVEK Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of small volume precision liquid metering and dispensing systems. Our products and systems are relied upon for critical applications in industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, diagnostics, bio-tech instrumentation and others.

When consistent, precise small volume fluidic dispensing, metering and delivery is vital, Ivek systems deliver.

Ivek's Precision Liquid Metering and Dispensing Systems

Exceptional fluid control over small volumes is the specialty of our Liquid Dispensing Systems and Metering Pumps. IVEK offers free application testing that helps us accurately assess requirements and define customer expectations.

digispense single channel
Single Channel

IVEK’s precision liquid dispensing rotary systems are capable of dispensing 1uL – 8mL within a second and operate either Single-End or Dual-End Motors giving you (1) or (2) dispenses at a time. Our high precision liquid dispensing linear systems are capable of linear flow from 2nL – 2mL.

multi-channel dispensing
Multi Channel

Custom designed systems for any number of channels up to (24). Offered in either Rotary or Linear dispense systems. Independent dispensing parameters can be customized as necessary with simple programming.

liquid dispensing system
Liquid Metering

IVEK offers high precision liquid dispensing systems capable of metering between 1uL/minute – 6 Liters/minute from a single Pump (up to 18 Liters/minute for dual ended pumps combined). Micro stepping allows for flow profiles that can reach sub-milliliter delivery over hours.

methaspense dispensing for methadone
Methadone Dispensing

IVEK offers two methadone dispense systems: the Digispense DS1000 and the MethaSpense. These systems provide a low waste, high accuracy that is fully supported worldwide. The most trusted controlled substance-dispensing systems on the market.

spray systems for droplet dispensing
Spray Systems

IVEK’s spray systems provide some of the smallest and most reliable droplet distributions available, covering the widest viscosity ranges in the industry. Provides a consistent and precise coating.

dispensing systems accesssories

IVEK offers Heater Controllers and Heater Kits for heated applications, Gland units for Adhesive applications or when a wet-seal is required, Stainless Steel or Fiberglass Enclosures for either the Motor Base/Pump or Actuator/Pump for wash-down or Class 1, Div. 1 applications.

OEM Services

IVEK Corporation manufactures fluid handling products for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Integrator. This product line includes rotary/reciprocating pump modules and sub-components. View OEM Dispensing and Metering Products

Free Application Testing

Learn More About Ivek's Free Application Testing at Ivek's facility. Fill out our Application Worksheet to tell us about your specific needs and requirements.

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Ivek's Metering and Dispensing Systems Handle A Volume Of Fluids

IVEK systems feature ceramic positive displacement pump heads coupled with a stepping motor drive that allows every metering and dispensing system to be highly precise, with flow rates from nanoliters and microliters to 9 liters/minute.

The ceramic materials used in these systems are extremely hard and resist abrasion. Ivek metering and dispensing systems show little to no wear, even after hundreds of millions of cycles.

Committed to Exceptional Quality and Customer Service

A deep commitment to manufacturing superior, quality products and outstanding customer satisfaction is our number one priority. The metering and dispensing systems that Ivek produces offer excellent performance and reliability for the most demanding applications. Our technical, engineering and support staff are always available to assist and provide you with the services you need to get the greatest benefit from our products.

IVEK Corporation is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.