CSDS* Controlled Substance Dispensing Station

Controlled Substace Dispensing Station

CSDS Data Sheet

New all-in-one controlled substance dispensing station: portable, secure and easy clean!

Features & Benefits:

  • Featuring IVEK’s Positive Displacement Ceramic Pumps
  • Precision Volumetric Flask for Accuracy Checks
  • Factory Pre-Calibrated Motor/Base Pump Module
  • Shorter Tubing Runs for Faster Priming & Less Waste
  • Fixed Dispense Tip for No Mess Dosing
  • Adjustable Spill Tray Locations for Varying Cup Sizes
  • Lockable Latches (locks not supplied)
  • Sealed Front Cover allowing for up to 1L of Fluid Spill inside Enclosure without Leaks
  • Zero-Transfer Bottle Holder & is Compatible with All Major Medicine Manufacturers
  • Compatible with Existing IVEK Digispense 10/DC Pumps
  • FREE Installation & Calibration of Existing Pump with CSDS Purchase!
  • CSDS with Pump may be returned to IVEK for Standard Cleaning & Calibration

*Optional with IVEK's Digispense 10/RS232 & Digispense® 1000