Digispense 3020 Liquid Dispensing Systems

Digispense 3020 Liquid Dispensing System
Digispense 3020 Controller Module
21cm x 29.2 cm x 14.6 cm
Linear Pumps
40 pitch & 20 pitch
Linear Actuators

Digispense 3020 Data Sheet

The Digispense 3020 is IVEK’s low volume, linear flow, single-channel, liquid dispensing system. The system includes three main components, a 3020 Controller module, a 20 or 40 pitch Linear Actuator Module and one of (8) positive displacement ceramic pump modules. A major feature of this system is programmed dispense volume. No mechanical calibration is required. The Digispense 3020 controls each full stroke of the piston to an exceptional resolution of 2000 steps. Operating parameter controls feature separate dispense/meter and prime/load mode rates, forward/reverse, and drawback control. Standard and micro-step controllers are available along with optional encoders on the Linear Actuators

IVEK’s Digispense 3020 controller module includes Contact Closure trigger, 24VDC PLC interface for trigger-in, ready-out, fault-out, user selectable input, and user selectable output and an RS232 interface as standard features. A non-volatile memory allows storage of up to 32 configurations. The IVEK pump modules are manufactured from sapphire-hard 99.8% Alumina [Al203] Magnesium Stabilize Zirconia or highly polished YTZP Zirconia piston and cylinder sets.

Typical Applications

  • Reagent dispensing
  • Biosensor manufacturing
  • Mercury dispensing
  • Silicon atomizing
  • Membrane striping
  • Vial and tube filling
  • Syringe treating
  • Medical coatings
  • Flavor and essence additions
  • Lubricants
  • UV adhesives
  • Liquid vitamin additions
  • and many more