ElectroSpense Liquid Dispensing Systems

ElectroSpense Liquid Dispensing System

Electrospense Data Sheet

IVEK’s NEW ELECTROSPENSE provides outstanding accuracy and convenience for your liquid dispensing needs. ElectroSpense combines the proven performance of IVEK’s AP pump head and precision machined, ceramic pumps, with a Microspense Integrated Controller packaged inside the motor. The integrated controller allows for a highly compact component and increases flexibility in mounting. Customized parameters are generated for your unique dispensing specifications and downloaded onto the integrated controller. ElectroSpense is a reliable, accurate and economical solution for many applications, including: single and multiple channel dispensing, OEM applications, spraying applications and more.

Typical Applications

  • Sterile filling and dosing
  • Diagnostic reagent dispensing
  • Contact lens dispensing
  • UV curable adhesive dispensing
  • Cyanoacrylate dispensing
  • Cell suspensions
  • Sub-microliter ejections
  • Mercury dosing
  • Electrolyte dispensing
  • Syringe, vial, needle and catheter coating
  • and many more