Maintainer Liquid Metering System

Maintainer Liquid Metering System
Maintainer controller module
29.8 cm x 37.5 cm x 14.3 cm
Maintainer Data Sheet

The IVEK Maintainer is a unique liquid metering system, which provides automatic continuous set-point of process variables in chemical biological systems. The controller is easily programmed by the user and can be interfaced directly with a process monitor instrument such as a pH meter, auto-analyzer, or other electrodes in order to provide process control.

The Maintainer system is designed to provide a metering rate that is proportional to the process deviation from a set-point so that overshoot is virtually eliminated while process stability is greatly enhanced. All Maintainer systems utilize IVEK’s unique valveless, positive displacement ceramic metering modules and stepping motor/base assemblies. The motor/base units can be either heavy duty or Microspense AP modules depending upon the volume of flow required. This system is capable of repeatably delivering fluids at 0.1% CV.

Typical Applications

  • Biological fermentation sytems
  • Chlorination
  • Electroless plating control
  • Minerial separations
  • Wastewater control
  • Flocculent additions
  • pH control
  • and many more