IVEK's OEM Ceramic Liquid Valves

OEM Ceramic valves

IVEK’s Ceramic Liquid Valves offer a durable high-performance alternative to “plug valves” commonly used in instrumentation

Traditional polymer valves have a limited life due to material wear and leakage, requiring them to be replaced on a maintenance schedule. IVEK Ceramic Liquid Valves include ceramic rotor and stator components that are inert and offer millions of cycles without wear or degradation of performance. IVEK Ceramic Liquid Valves offer high quality solutions resulting in a total lower cost for the instrument manufacturer.

Features & Benefits of Ivek Ceramic Valves Include:

  • Chemically inert
  • Proven to last at least 30 times longer than KEL-F/Teflon plug valves
  • Reliable operation over a wide range of temperatures
  • Pressure range from vacuum to 60 PSIG (413.7 KPA)
  • Custom designs available
  • Available for most syringe pumps
  • Ceramic sealing and wetted surface
  • Materials of construction:
    • 96% aluminum oxide ceramic
  • No pumping action when turning
  • Free application analysis available

IVEK Specializes In Precision Fluidic Systems Based On Ceramic Technology

IVEK Corporation is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company specializing in precision fluidic systems based on ceramic technology. IVEK controls all manufacturing and critical ceramic machining operations in-house. Rapid prototyping and free application testing are available when needed.

Download the Ceramic Valves PDF