Replenisher Liquid Metering System

Maintainer Liquid Metering System
Replisher controller module
29.8 cm x 37.5 cm x 14.3 cm
Replenisher Data Sheet

The IVEK Replenisher is a digitally programmed and controlled, liquid metering system designed to provide precise continuous additions of electroplating bath materials as they are depleted. The rate of replenishment is based upon a control signal obtained from the output of an ammeter shunt or process controller.

The Replenisher is programmed by a digital thumbwheel switch. The units can be scaled for replenishment rates as low as .001 ml/ampere-minute up to 9.99 ml/ampere-minute and higher, if required. The Replenisher allows the user to continuously replace materials as they are being depleted from the plating process to provide consistency, which is not otherwise available. This system offers potential savings in material usage and will minimize rejects. Repeatability of 1% CV and excellent reliability combined with maintenance free operation make these systems cost-effective. The replenisher controller is compatible with the IVEK stepping motor HD motor/base module as well as the IVEK Microspense AP. Ceramic positive displacement metering modules are sized depending up application requirements.

Options include panel mounted electronic readouts to display total ampere-hours or ampere minutes. Ceramic modifications and gland ports are available for handling high viscosity or difficult to dispense materials.